Stage Show

Rod understands that it is not always possible to accommodate all these suggestions and will work with you to maximize the entertainers impact

Stage: Please provide an elevated stage at least 12' x 16 (Rectangle is better than square). Please place stage in the center of the longest wall in the room so everyone is as close as possible. Do not place the stage at the far end of a room. Do not place a dance floor between the stage and the audience.

Stairs: Please Set steps off of the center of the stage into the audience.

Set: Please provide 1 highboy table with tablecloth, 1 chair, and 1 easel with a paper pad.

Audience: Please have the audience seated as close to the stage as possible. Please do not schedule performance simultaneously with dessert service, meals, appetizers, open bar or wait staff clearing the room. Please do not have obstructions, or distractions between the audience and the stage.

Backstage: Please provide Artist Rod Wayne with bottled water. Please provide a room with lock, allowing the artist to do makeup, set props, and store his property safely during the show.


Backdrop: DO set up back curtain (pipe and drape), video wall, or screen with projection. Try and create a space where the Artist can be the focal point without distraction such as windows or openings in curtains.

Professional lighting: DO provide standard stage wash plus follow spot if available.

House lights: DO set the house lights at 50%. Enough light so the average person with reading glasses can read program.

Video: DO have a camera man tightly follow the action of the artist if available. DO project to a screen center stage and above the performer so audience focus stays center stage. DON’T set screens to the side that draw focus.

Program: DO include a photo of artist Rod Wayne as well as his name, and some of his credits in the program if one is given out.

Meals: DO, if meals will be provided it is best for Rod Wayne to have Vegetarian or Poultry.

Hotel: DO If a hotel will be provided, Rod Wayne would like a hotel with parking, internet access, and within walking distance of a 24 hour restaurant.

Theater STage

A small raised stage is recommended for all audiences over 50 people. The stage can be the smallest rectangular shape possible. A standard 8.5' x 11' and 10" high is fine. The higher it is, the better people can see.

One small, round, "cocktail" table and 1 chair on stage. The cocktail table should be draped and skirted to match the room.

A set of stage steps. A single set of steps leading off the center of the stage into the audience is ideal. Steps on the ends of the stage can slow the program down unnecessarily.

Stage Positioning. If the room is rectangular, position the stage in the middle of the long side of the rectangle.


Even for small private events it is nice to introduce the entertainer so the guests know who is performing.

It is my honor to introduce our performer.
He has been performing since the age of 9 and combines art with his love for magic. Winning 22 awards in magic, an Inventor, Creator, he truly cares about his audience. Numerous Television Appearance, Featured in Publications and Magazines, Respected Artist,  Entertainer, Philanthropist, and a True Master Magician.  Ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the stage Award Winning Magician and Entertainer...........Amazing Rod Wayne.

Sound and Tech

Note: Rod Travels with his own small Sound System and MIC for Private Events.

For Larger Events: One "Lavaliere" (Clip on the tie) wireless microphone. This can be a handheld mic with straight tall stand. We can provide our own sound equipment although it is better to use the "house" setup.  I will assume you are providing sound for performance. Must have new batteries in all mics.

A second "Hand Held" style wireless microphone on a microphone stand. This microphone will act as backup and be used for the person who you elect to introduce the program. Must have new batteries.

Minimum of two main speakers (placed at each side of the stage). Please provide high quality speakers appropriate for the size of audience and venue. Most professional performance venues have proper PA systems.  DJ or band systems are often not suitable.


Rod will work with your schedule and these are only suggestions to enhance the entertainment portion of event.

Start the show after dessert has been served and all service has concluded. Service staff can easily block the view of the program and make it difficult for your audience members to enjoy the opening moments.

Close the bar during the show. People getting up during the program sends a psychological message to everyone in the room distracting from the show.

Avoid a dance floor. A small dance floor which does not divide the room into two separate halves can work, but special care must be taken to position the audience as close to the stage as possible. There must be an audience in front of the stage.



A Poster can be made to Promote your event with Rod Wayne.