Secret Beginnings of my first Paid Gig as an Magicain.

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Rod Wayne is revealing the secrets to understanding your dreams and goals.

Rod Wayne is revealing the secrets to understanding your dreams and goals.

Secret Beginnings

     The first time I realized that as the magician I was had fallen short of the public's idea of what a professional magician should be. This was hard to accept and even harder to conquer. I had invested thousands in secrets, spent countless hours around other magicians studying and read many books on methods of illusion, yet when I was in front of my audience I could sense that something was missing. I had great jokes, really wonderful magic, a likable personality, and good manners and still something was missing. I was so interested in my goals that I forgot to enjoy the journey, the here and now, the present. One of my many mentors once said, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift. That is why they call it the present.”
    Whatever I was doing wasn’t creating the results that I had dreamed of for so long. You see almost every waking hour was spent challenging myself to create powerful magic and I was driven by the dream of becoming a famous magician.  The illusion of what I wanted became so real that becoming that famous magician was the only reward that I would accept. I had difficulty accepting subtle clapping, roars of laughter, and even standing ovations as my reward.  
    I had a good foundation in my heart and I knew and trusted my integrity, therefore my work ethic became my workout to grow into the life I wanted. I had to have the big house, nice cars, toys, success and fame. The list could go on but I feel that it’s less important what you want but whom you want to become. This was clear to me.  I wanted to be a Master Magician Motivator.  I wanted to change peoples lives and do it with magic and wonder.  
    Let us start from the beginning of my journey to when I found my water.  
    I was to perform magic at The Olive Garden in Flagstaff, Arizona in 2000. I never before had a paying gig, and the only live audience experience I had was family, friends and one magic close-up competition that I took third place in. I approached The Olive Garden owner with the idea to perform magic for the guests as they wait for a table. In the busy months there could be a thirty-minute wait, which gave me good sized audiences. The owner loved the idea and immediately offered me twenty dollars an hour plus one free meal each night I worked. He wanted me on his two busiest nights, Friday and Saturday.  My wife and I had been pretty hungry due to the fact that we where newlyweds, college students, and neither of us cooked very well at the time, so little did the owner know that I would have done it for the food alone.    

      One Friday night about three months into the gig I found myself wondering if this is what I wanted. I loved the gig and had regulars who came to see me perform often. I also received other private shows as a result, yet I was unhappy with the progress going so slowly and didn’t understand why I felt this way.  After much contemplation and personal dream building, I came to the conclusion that it was due to the high standards I was holding myself to.  I had not yet achieved my goals and in my mind I saw this two-night-a-week gig as a failure.  Looking back, this feeling of failure was something in my mind that I should have changed.  A belief that needed to be changed in order for me to be and feel successful.  
     I still feel that it was a great time for me to have moved on in my life and I believe that even if my belief had been different about my failure, I still would have moved on, but it would have made that portion of my life a bit happier if I had had a positive belief that I indeed was successful.  You must always challenge your path and process. Investigate who, what, why, when and how you are growing towards your goals.  I left because of a belief that was instilled in my mind from a young age.  The gig was not a failure, but for me, it became stagnate and I needed to leave to grow.  
    Many magicians have told me to update and always learn and create new illusions to show your audiences.  This is fine, but I like to take that advice in a different realm, in the realm of mastery.  I didn’t want to find a new way to vanish a coin, I wanted to find the reason to vanish the coin.  You don’t learn how to be a magician from books or tricks, you learn it from being the magician.  Imagining what I wanted and then coming up with a method to get it. Now please use my life example of being a magician and apply it to your life.  Imagine what you want and come up with a method to get it.

Optimystical -Secret Beginnings

In my Book Optimystical is give you a set of steps you can take to ask yourself the right questions and challenge what you believe and change the settings of your sails to reach your biggest dreams and achieve.