Magic and Joy_The Healing Art of Magic and Laughter

Magic and Joy

The Healing Art of Magic and Laughter


I want to talk about the healing powers of magic and laughter. Why is it that when we witness something truly amazing and astounding our body and mind is filled with elation? The sound one makes when the mind feels magic, or a since of astonishment the audible sound made is often "Ahhh." This is the sound of wonder. The more experienced the magician the greater the tension, drama, and anticipation for that moment is built up and thus the explosion of emotion and greater at bringing out the feeling of wonderment and surprise in the spectators mind.

".....the old man laughed loud and joyously, shook up the details of his anatomy from head to foot, and ended by saying that such a laugh was money in a man's pocket, because it cut down the doctor's bills like everything." Mark Twain in Tom Sawyer

One doesn't have to be an expert physician to understand that stress can lead to and cause major health issues. Am I saying that instead of going to a doctor you should hire a magician or go see a show? No, I am simply saying that wonder does amazing things to the human spirit and feeling as though you know everything can cause unwanted stress and illness. Plus people will think less of you. To see the world through the eyes of wonder at everything, I feel to be the greatest path to joy and happiness. To always assume there is more to learn and new ideas to discover hidden beyond the surface of what most pass off as common. If you think I am wrong about Joy deriving from wonder then you are like me and I smile to think perhaps I am a fool, and I will soon be discovered as a fraud who is assuming to know how to find joy. I ask, why are children so happy to discover new things? Why do we all feel so alive when on an adventure or traveling somewhere new? If we don't make mistakes we are doing something wrong. Although if we are doing something wrong then we are making mistakes so we are fine, I guess, I don't know, maybe. See how much joy wonder can bring.

My life is that of an entertainer and I am fascinated by the reactions I get from my audiences on a daily bases when I share magic. I find my path of giving this gift of magic to my audience is my greatest joy. It doesn't matter to me if I'm on a stage, in a bank, on the street or at the university, or in a hospital, my reactions are always the same, wonder and joy.  Then pure gratitude thanking me sharing the moment of with a stranger. I hear all the time, "You made my day, thanks" or "I haven't laughed so hard in weeks." My heart is full from this human quality in people and it feels to me the world needs to be amazed. People need to be asked questions they don't know the answers to.

We never really know what is happening in the lives of those we interact with on a daily bases. Some will be grieving, others lonely, sad, lost, hungry, hurting, and if your lucky some celebrating, happy, in love. If your intention in life is to bring joy and wonder you can do that without any knowledge of the working of magic methods. It starts with a state of mind to be truly interested in others and assume each person can teach you something to improve your quality of life and bring you joy. This is my favorite way to be selfish.

In today's world of information and speed, more and more people feel all too informed and lack the basic human since of discovery that drives creativity and ingenuity. Ever if you don't feel you know everything, most people assume they can google the answer. This idea of the answer already being out there and all we have to do is ask for it, is destroying the human spirit of the imagination. It could be why life can feel so difficult for some, while others seem to maintain positive outlook all the while. Instead of people thinking hard to find a solution or brainstorming what if, we are left in today's world with a feeling of I must be stupid because I don't know. Then we run to the information to find the answer to make ourselves feel better informed. This feeling of I must know all is a recipe for disaster. Leaving us longing to be amazing, wishing for miracles, and hoping for magic to be real but lacking the wonder and joy to drive the question. I feel this can cause stress on a society and people and its most creative people feeling exposed, used and very misunderstood. Creative people, and I speak for myself create art based on a feeling, spending allot of time wondering how and why they create. This brings the artist joy in contemplation. That can not and should not be defined or explained to society, for if it was it would crush the wonder and leave the audience without being able to wonder at the art for themselves and find there own joy in doing so.

Magic to me is like medicine and each day I fill my pockets, go out into the world and make people feel astonished and amazed. This is a wonderful feeling to share and as a fan of magic I still love being fooled and find that to be one of the greatest joys. To be reminded that there is magic in all we do all around us. Whatever your life is like you can bring more joy to yourself and others by maintaining a childlike since of wonder at everything.

Go out and be amazing, ask question and share yourself, and don't be afraid to look stupid. If you do look stupid it may inspire someone else to not make the same mistakes and that is a gift you can give. That what I do. look stupid I mean.

Enjoy a short video from when we created some magic to share with a preschool class. How great the reactions were and I want that for you, no matter what your age. Enjoy the magic and thanks for taking the time to wonder with me.  -written by Rod Wayne December 20, 2016

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