Dream Pages a powerful method to unlock creativity and inspiration.

Dream Pages

Rod Wayne's Dream Pages will open the door to creativity and free your thoughts to find the answers to the questions you ask.

Rod Wayne's Dream Pages will open the door to creativity and free your thoughts to find the answers to the questions you ask.

DREAM PAGES Method for creative grow that really works. I will forever be grateful for what I learned from Julia Cameron in the book, The Artist's Way

     This is an exercise you should do that will help you free and clear all the thoughts from your mind to give you a clear path that will allow you to create thoughts based on new beliefs that are in line with the dreams you have.  This exercise is what I call,  Dream Pages.  Dream Pages are an easy way to filter out all that is blocking you from creating your plan, but most fail to take action on this exercise merely because it does take some effort and writing.  If you do take action, you will find great peace in not only your dreams and goals but in all areas of your life.  If you do nothing else in this book, try these Dream Pages.  
    When you wake up in the morning, without hesitation, start writing.  Place a notepad and pencil/pen next to your bed, possibly on your night-stand so it is easily accessible. The key is to not stop writing, don’t check spelling or punctuation, in fact don’t even punctuate or capitalize, just write and write anything your mind is saying to you.  Nobody will ever read these and neither should you, they are just a tool to give your mind an outlet to express all the thoughts that without this outlet would come racing out of you throughout the day uncontrollably when triggered.   
    At night your mind is calculating and storing all the information throughout your day, week, month, year, and lifetime like a super-human computer.  There are certain things your mind does not know where to store information because you have not yet dealt with it yet or possibly haven’t even realized you need to think about dealing with it yet.  Without complicating things more, these pages will allow your thoughts to empty.  I’ll give you an example of one of my “so called” paragraphs from my Dream Pages.  

- man my breath stinks I wonder if I ha whatever i don’t have bad breath I just haven't brushed.  what do I want for breakfast i think i have to meet that lady today i hope it goes well it will and i wonder if she will yeah she will i am spelling everything so wrong i hope no-one read this this is so silly but i think its working -  

    Write three full pages.  This shouldn’t take very long if your writing fast and not stopping.  If you don’t have anything to write then write, I don’t have anything to write.  After 6-7 days of DREAM PAGES you should start to feel more relaxed and calm throughout your day.  This will allow you to save space in your mind for more important things like the Move step.  
    Ask yourself questions about what moves to make next.  Yet don’t expect an answer right away.  Simply ask the question by writing it down and then go on to other things.  You may feel like you have forgotten to answer your own question although while you are busy doing other day to day activities, your filter in your mind is searching for answers to that question.  You will be amazed when in your Dream Pages, one day the answer to the question you were asking will appear.  This really is magic.   
    I have found after only a few weeks of pages I had gained inner power over my negative beliefs.  I started writing this book.  I started painting again.  My negative thoughts had limited control over my actions.  Many have found it to be a way to banish fear from their life.  Call them journal entries, morning pages, or dream pages, it only matters that you do them.  If you are a writer you will find characters and plots, painters will find inspiration and ideas, and those of you who wish you could be more creative find peace with the fact that anything worth doing, is worth doing badly.  You will find strength to challenge your fear and try something you have always wanted to try.  All answers you ask will appear in the pages.  It is absolutely optimystical.

by Julia Cameron