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Beliefs I learned from studying the work of Tony Robbins, Dale Carnegie, and many others over the years. I hope my words inspire you to continue growing and learning from such great minds as I have had the pleasure then go and help others. I don't claim these to be my ideas I only stand as proof in the power of them if practiced. I believe in you. 

Rod Wayne is Available for Private Engagements.

Rod Wayne is Available for Private Engagements.

      Now that we have some understanding about the power of questions, let’s dissect our values and beliefs. Values are those things that are important to you. Beliefs are what you believe your values will create for you. For example, in High School, some teachers try to teach the value of education, with the belief that, with a good education, you can get into a good college and get a good job. While this has been a positive belief for those that can achieve it, in some cases it’s required to change those values, and states of mind that are holding us back.
    Let’s say that you dropped out.  According to that value system above, one cannot go to college, one cannot get a good job, and therefore, one will be unsuccessful for the rest of their life. WRONG.  This person needs to overcome and change the belief system that is holding them back.  I will now show you how.  
    For a change in belief you must get leverage on yourself, interrupt patterns of old anchors, and create new associations.  The best way is to identify these limiting core beliefs. Some limiting beliefs that are common are:

Everyone will hate me.
I will turn into the person I hate.
I will hurt my friends and family.
It’s too late.
I will be alone.  
I will go crazy.
I don’t have good ideas.
I don’t have enough money.
I can’t do it because I am too old.
I can’t do it because I am not smart enough.

    Identifying your negative beliefs is half your battle, because we are all smarter than we tell ourselves.  Write down beliefs that are holding you back and stopping you from doing the things you really want to do.  These are the somethings that are always there to stop you from what you really want, a constant problem you have fought with over and over again, or thoughts that whenever you’re about to become the person you want to be there it is bang right in your face telling you to stop because it will bring you pain.  You must challenge those blocking values and beliefs.  Make a list and be ready to get physical as these practices will effect you physically.  Make your whole body understand how strong you are against them.  Remember that our mind reacts to our physical state.    
    Once you have recognized the negative, now you must gain leverage on yourself.  In order to do this, you must get into that state of mind where it is painful.  You must change your state and your physical posture, and put yourself in a place you don’t want to be.  You must write down all the pain and suffering that this belief will cause you, your family and your friends. How will this hurt loved ones and your career financially, emotionally, and physically?  You must put yourself in a place where you have become that limiting belief and ask yourself, how do I feel allowing this belief to control me 5, 10, 20 years from now?  After 20 years of this limited belief controlling you what is your life like?  Are you happy where you are or must you make a change NOW?  What pain has it caused you?  Imagine all the wonderful life experiences and lifelong memories that you have given up by letting this belief influence you.  It’s important to get emotional about this; to really understand something must change.  Make this so painful that you have to change and you won’t stop until you have crushed this belief down to nothing.  This step takes much practice and with it comes wisdom.   
    Now, once you have recognized the negative, you must create a new association.  Invent a new belief and do the complete opposite. Stand up tall, think of all the results that this new belief will help you achieve.  For instance, if you were afraid of changing. You might create a new belief something like, changing will help me grow.  You must write down all the things that this new belief will create over the next 5 years.  All the great places you have been because of this belief.  All the people you have met.  All the friends you have made.  All the goals you have been able to achieve without this belief controlling you.  Write them down in the present tense as if they have already happened being detailed about the benefits.  
    Now do it for the next 10 years, and then 20 years.  Imagine all the benefits, all the happiness financially, physically, and emotionally that this new belief will achieve for you.  Get Emotional.  Put yourself in that place where you absolutely believe in this new belief and are already feeling the benefits of it.  Notice that as you write these new powerful beliefs about yourself, the negative beliefs may be still whispering in your head.  Try a simple phrase such as, When I change I am happy and I enjoy growing and learning.  Write this ten times and during that time you may hear things like, except when I have to… ,not with…, only when it’s easy to… ,I’m not very smart compared to…, I have a hard time changing when…  Pay close attention to those negative beliefs and be ready to combat them with powerful associations that delete them from your mind. Imagine your mind like a processor and the information is stored in different files, fragmented and you have to de-fragment it to make clear what you want.  
    Now that we have identified the limiting beliefs, we have gained leverage over those beliefs by understanding the negative results that these beliefs are manifesting.  Next, we created a new association; what I call a power belief which, allows us to re-anchor a positive belief in the place where the limiting negative belief had a hold.  You must replace a belief, not just eliminate one.  Make sure to evaluate your new beliefs.  Ask yourself if they are useful.  Is this belief helping me get where I want to be?  Should I keep it?  
    My mentor taught me these steps and I force myself remember them everyday.  You must condition your new belief. You do this by making yourself feel wonderful, and think of a new belief, over and over again.  

If you are having trouble finding beliefs to replace your negative ones, try these power beliefs:

Knowledge is power.
Learning will help me grow.
Questions will lead me to answers.
I am smart enough.
I have a great ability.
I love to listen to other people talk.
It pains me to be negative.
I am a giant.  I am a Volcano.
I am headed for greatness.  
I like help from my friends.
Listening will help me learn.

    Now some say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  Of course you can, you just need a better snack, the right leverage.  One of the most empowering beliefs that I have that has challenged me and helped me achieve success, is the belief that there is always a way.  Remember to ask yourself the right questions and listen for the answers.
Instead of asking, why did this not work?  Ask, what can I learn from this, and how can I make it work? Don’t fall victim to limiting beliefs.  I know this is a lot of information to gather in one sitting and even two or three sittings, but this knowledge is key to building a foundation for growth.  The past does not equal the future.  Read, re-read, and do the tasks set forth in this book, you will see a difference.