Optimystical Dream Pages Introduction


    Why am I writing this?  Today the reason is simple, I cannot sleep so I sit quietly staring at the screen of my apple computer while I write from crumbled notes stacked a fist high from the past ten years of scribbles and study.  I find the isolation, the silence a muse.  The scribbles, the words, this book is my life.  I am very passionate about the words and style and direction this books takes.  This book could cause a struggle to arise if you take it seriously, but with my help you can struggle and in the end be better for your ability to overcome that struggle.  Power, confidence, self worth, and growth.  These are all lessons that have only been attained through some type of loss.  
    We will get started by creating the results in life that you want.  This book is designed to create maximum change and lead you to the future you want.  I have only shared these with a few chosen people over the years.  I know the steps work because I have tested them for years and those who I have taught have made monumental steps in changing their lives.  
    How do I know they will work for you?  It worked for me!  I have helped many people overcome habits and addictions using these methods of reprograming and re-mastering.  In this book, I will go over what beliefs create your life and how your mind works with the information you have given it.  You will have a clear understanding of the pleasure and pain battle, while understanding leverage, which is a power you have within you already.  This is a powerful force that once understood will give you an edge over any problem.   
    Next, I will reveal my five steps to achieving amazing results you desire for yourself and the philosophy that drives you to make it happen, attempting here to challenge your mind to reveal what is stopping you from achieving the results you desire now.  We will create new and powerful anchors to help you eliminate negative influence on your life.  While this method will create mass results in your life, we must begin with understanding the path you want to take and where you want to be in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years down the road.  
    We will find an attractive method of your own to achieve these goals and by using my proven system you will develop an ability to sketch a plan of what you are moving towards.  If you do nothing you are still going somewhere.  Unfortunately most go throughout their whole life without asking the right questions and creating a plan to achieve their goals.  Then, the question always arises in their unfortunate mind, “What if?”  Is that somewhere where you want to be?
    If you want the next three years to be totally different than the last three years, than you must follow through and dive into this book.  You cannot cheat and skip on the process.  You will find insight that I have learned from years of real life trials and how to overcome them in business and relationships or any area of your life.  I was broken in more than one sense of the word.  I believe we all have moments like these where we feel nothing can be worse.  My business was going under, I gave up on my dreams, and depression was taking me head on, and still, by using the methods in this book, I created a life that I love.  We had our dream house built and now run several successful businesses.   I am asked to perform and train in front of thousands of people each year.   My life has become a dream that I created from a simple thought into reality; spending quality time with my family, teaching others what I have learned, and being rewarded for my skills.  I will be sharing with you throughout this book my story and hopefully you will share with me excitement for the future.  I am excited to put these thoughts and secrets down on paper and to offer them to people who can benefit from my proven methods.  I am a student of people and have studied what makes people win.  If you have this book you are already invested in growth and are ready to learn and change.  Follow my DREAM method and invest yourself in the process and I promise you will find that the magic of this book is more real that any magic I have found.  
    I will teach you a powerful system to create unlimited creativity and flow of new thoughts and ideas.  Whether your a writer, magician, business professional, or even a dreamer, this will help you create new ideas that lead to better results, better success, and self-confidence in your abilities.  I will also teach you about what is stopping you from having the life you want now.  My proven method will empower you to change.  Live the life you want and be all that you can dream.  Nothing can stop you once we get you moving in the right direction.  Last, I will share with you some very interesting ideas on the mind and the power of the mind that we don’t fully understand.  This area of the book is wonderful in every sense of the word and my favorite because I believe the mystery of our mind can only lead us to wonder, which is the beginning of creation.  This is the area where your mind can spend hours playing with magic in thought and watching it somehow manifest.  Real magic as deceptive as the cosmos.  
    Understand that this book is not a book that is read but a book that is lived.  If you already know some of the things I will be sharing with you than simply use it as review.  I hope that in your life, this will give you the magic that will make small or big differences for the good.  Take me with you in your mind and I will take you in my heart.  Are you ready?  Say aloud,  I’m Ready!