Inspiring Kids and Family with Magic

As a full time entertainer I perform at a variety of venues and for a wide range of audience demographics, although my favorite audience is still kids & families. I am also a father of three boys. Having witnessed many experiences that we all have as a family when we watch a movie together and when we experience live entertainment, like magic performed, there is a real benefit to seeing something live that is filled with novelty.

Any event can be entertaining and fun, it’s live entertainment, like magic that I feel best engages all ages in the human experience of witnessing wonder, this shared experience is engaging, and can be a life-changing experience that the family together is filled with wonder and imagines limitless possibilities in their daily lives in all they do.


My goal as an artist is to engage all ages with imagination, wonder, and endless possibilities.  I believe great magical entertainment is an experience that can actually bring all ages together to participate emotionally to witness and help the performer create something magical. It is the audience and their minds that really create the magic. It happens in the minds of the audience.

Imagine a magical appearance of a bouquet of colorful flowers for a Mother.  Do you know what happens in her mind as she sifts through thoughts of how, why, and what just happened? Although if we were to appear a bouquet of flowers on Mothers Day for a mother she would accept the magic and question not the why, how, and what just happened and be filled only with gratitude. The engagement of a live performance goes beyond whether or not you were picked to help the magician, the engagement is in your mind and the minds’ imagination. Through the use of storytelling, music, thought-provoking puzzles, laughter, and magical illusions I attempt to create live performances of magic not just for fun, but to inspire kids and families to remember that in their daily lives anything is possible. That if wonder is induced in their lives and part of their mind, it will create a greater quality of life, greater quality of family, and a greater quality of a healthy lifestyle, fueled by a since of wonder.  I believe the engagement of such imagination, wonder, and laughter are indeed therapeutic on an emotional, physical, and behavioral level.  

Imagine a young 9 year old boy who is a tough little man: active, rough, wild, and muddy, in a structured school setting, sitting at a wooden desk listening to his teacher talk about writing, reading, and arithmetic.  Leaving school, his mom asks what he learned and he can recall all that was taught. Amazing, right?!? The power of the young mind.

Now, imagine the same boy, after seeing a magician, who is sitting in this same desk listening to his teacher talk about writing, reading, and arithmetic and while still learning what is taught, his imagination questions and he is wondering about the answers, imagine his mind searching for new answers, imagine his mind figuring out the puzzles to the questions that haven’t been asked and the magic of these subjects.

Without creative imaginative thinking what are we being taught?  Both boys were sitting listening, but the second was engaged in such a way that is being taught less and less in schools as arts funding is being cut and the creative arts being pushed aside. That can be taught to all ages that experience magic and incorporate that in their daily lives by initiating that sense of wonder and ask more questions to satisfy the human spirit and enhance the life experience.

The magic I perform is to help others believe anything is possible.  As a parent and as a human being, we all have an innate need to have that experience that will uplift, that will motivate, and that will levitate our lives to be better than it was.  Suspend disbelief in your life and believe in something impossible just for fun. It will create unimaginable possibilities that will make the impossible possible in your life.