For this blog post lets talk about a video produced for the family of Dr. John Lund on behalf of The Society of American Magician’s Magic Center Foundation, Inc. Those of you that have been around a while might remember this Magician from the past. His name is Dr. John Lund aka GREAT LUNDINI who lived a magical life from 1940-2011.  After received some of his collection at the Magic Center we wanted to take the time to allow you a quick look at the life of THE GREAT LUNDINI.

The following video was made and shared with the Lund family, who has been so forever changed by the magic that filled Dr. Lund’s life. His family heard we were creating something to honor him and they gathered together with friends and family to watch it and remember.

Personally I feel very lucky to have been able to help the Magic Center and look forward to the exciting things ahead for the wonderful Organization. This year we are working on building a new website that will allow us to share more of the Collection to our online community around the world with a member only access.  We have had a lot of great support and will need more in the future to help us achieve our Goals(see statements below).

A.    Vision Statement- This describes the world we are trying to create.
We will raise the status of the art of magic by providing a national center to educate magicians and the general public about the art of magic and its history.
B.     Mission Statement
Our mission is to create a national center for magic where people of all levels of interest, from all over the country, can learn about the art of magic, and through magic, about themselves and the world around them.
The center will provide magic education at all levels, put on performances, feature exhibits about magic and magic history, and provide access to magic-related books, videos, and other materials.
C.    Values Statement
We believe the art of magic makes the world a better place.  It teaches us to transcend boundaries, and not to be limited by words like “impossible.”
We believe good magic anywhere is good for magic everywhere.
We believe the art of magic benefits from the constant addition of new ideas, influences, voices, and participants, as well as the study of ideas, techniques, and practitioners that have made the art what it is today.

On behalf of the Magic Center Thanks for Donating to the Magic Center. 

The foundation was formed to conceive, create, and perpetuate the S.A.M. Magic Center for the benefit of all S.A.M. members and magicians throughout the world.

The Society of American Magicians Magic Center Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit foundation meeting IRS 501(c)3 guidelines for donations.


Special Thanks to the Lund Family