You may have seen Rod Wayne blindfold himself and look through your thoughts reveal your intimate wonders. Did you know his real name is Rodney Wayne Housley, and that although he had an innocent childhood full of love and joy,  his path in this life would change dramatically. He started his life as a magician at 7 years old when a tragic accident left his family grieving the death of his little sister. It was heartbreaking for the entire family although feeling so close to her, this may have shaped his destiny.  He took it very hard and stopped speaking for a long period of time.  It was during this time that while attending a family gathering an elderly man took Rod Wayne aside, and shared with him the secrets of a few simple sleight-of-hand magic tricks and told him something he has never forgotten,  “It’s up to you to become the magician and use magic to inspire hope in those you love.”  Rod resisted his invitation, yet the magic he shared with Rod that day fascinated his young mind and he knew secrets would be his life, finding ways to create wonder as a path to joy. 

At 18, Rod was initiated into magic’s most prestigious fraternities and his training as a magician intensified.  He began competing and training in all areas of magic study including stage, parlor, close-up, and mental magic.  Winning over 20 awards, it was during this time of dedicated practice that he decided to make magic his life.  While attending the Art Institute of Las Vegas, he was eager to learn more and become a better entertainer.  Rod attended school in the evenings and during the day worked as a pitch-man on the Las Vegas strip for the world's famous, Houdini's Magic Shop.   He was performing, had audiences, great mentors in magic helping him hone skills, and he felt as though nothing could be better.  After college, Rod began focusing on his art in Arizona and started accepting commissions, painting for book covers, murals, portraits, and performing magic at private engagements.  Rod loves creating beautiful images for his audiences to enjoy. 

It was an amazing goddess of a woman, Kimberlee Kae and her passion as a pianist that inspired Rod to create a new show.  The Magic and Music Show was born using her poetry and melody, and his magic and illusions.  The show allowed Rod to bring his doves back into the spot-lights as well as designing and building 13 illusions.  The show would run for 800 dates in performing arts theaters with great reviews over the next 5 years.  The Magic and Music show began to get noticed and because of the feeling of recognition from Rod's father for this magic path, he jumped in with both feet to create a business to entertain, educate, and inspire all age audiences to enjoy the sense of wonder as a path to joy and personal development. Rod and Kim are happily married, living in Colorado with their 3 sons, Preston, Bobby, and Dean who travel with the show and are becoming part of the act.



Act that won AZ Stage Magician of the Year 2009

Magic has taken me places I never dreamed and made me feel as though I may be the luckiest guy in the world. A different audience each day in a different place and yet one thing remains the same; each year I make a magical flight home to Arizona where we produce a show in hopes of inspiring or finding the next great wizard waiting for a call to adventure like the one I was given long ago. I am just a toe-headed kid from Tucson. Dreams really do come true, if you have the courage and guidance to follow them. I am proof of that.
— Rodney Wayne Housley